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How to create metrics

Metrics are defined in your model's YAML file, right beside your columns!

Add metrics in your schema.yml files#

Metrics are quantitative measurements. You can think of them as "actions" that you take on dimensions. For example, num unique user ids is a metric that counts the unique number user_id values.

You add metrics to your YAML files under the meta tag at the column level.

version: 2
- name: my_model
- name: user_id # dimension name of your metric
num_unique_user_ids: # name of your metric
type: count_distinct # metric type
type: count

For more information on the types of metrics you can add, check out the metrics reference page.

Once you've added a metric to your dbt project, you can sync the changes in Lightdash by clicking on the refresh button in the app.


Your new metrics will appear in the list above dimensions in your table!


Next steps#