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Creating Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to arrange multiple charts in a single view. To add a chart to a dashbard:

1. Open the dashboard page#

Navigate to the top bar and choose Browse > Dashboards

click dashboard

2. Create a new empty dashboard#

Click to create a new dashboard. By default, dashboards are empty and have a name "Untitled dashboard", you can change this later.

click new dashboard

3. Choose a chart to add to your dashboard#

Charts can only be added to a dashboard if they've been saved. See instructions for saving charts for more information.

Click "add chart" to see a list of charts that have been saved. Clicking any chart will add it at the top of your dashboard.

add chart screenshot

You can resize charts by dragging the lower-right corner.

You can position your chart by dragging the center of the chart.

4. Save and share your dashboard#

When you're happy with the layout, hit save.

click save chart

You can share your dashboard with anybody in your Lightdash organisation by copying the URL.