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Rank in column

Ranking values in a column is when you set every value as a number either higher than or lower than the other values. The lowest value (rank = 1) indicates the value with the first rank in your set of values.

Just gimme the code! 👾

Here's an example of a percent change calculation:

And here's the SQL used to generate it:

ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY ${orders.order_date_month} ORDER BY ${orders.total_order_amount} DESC)

In general, the SQL used for calculating the rank in a column has just one important column and one other important parameter:

  • column_i_want_to_rank - this is the column that you want to rank
  • ASC and DESC - if you want to have the biggest values with rank = 1, then you need to add DESC to your ORDER BY clause. If you want the smallest values with rank = 1 then you can add ASC to your ORDER BY clause (this isn't required, since the ordering is ASC by default).

Here's the SQL you can copy-paste to calculate your rank in column

ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY ${table.column_i_want_to_rank} DESC)