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Connect Lightdash to your dbt project, add metrics directly in your data transformation layer, then create and share your insights with your team.

Our mission is simple: we want to enable everybody in your company to answer their own questions using data.

Check out Lightdash in action#

  1. Check out the example project where you can click around and see Lightdash in action - no installation required!
  2. Demos are fun and all, but to get the full Lightdash experience, we recommend working through our install guide and hooking it up to your own project 😊

See what we have planned in our Product Roadmap#

We’re sharing our product roadmap because we want to give you an idea of where we’ll be in the next 3-6 months. We also want to hear if you think anything is missing.

You can add suggestions for a feature or functionality by creating a new issue in our GitHub repo. If we spot something that we think is a new milestone for the near future, we’ll pull it into the product roadmap 👌

Reporting bugs and feature requests#

Want to report a bug or request a feature? Feel free to open an issue in GitHub!