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Lightdash removes the gap between your data transformation layer and your data visualization layer. It enables data analysts and engineers to control all of their business intelligence (data transformations/business logic as well as data visualization) in a single place.

Lightdash integrates with your dbt project and gives a framework for defining metrics and specifying joins between models all within your existing dbt YAML files. The data output from your dbt project is then available for exploring and sharing in lightdash.

  • No more scattered, duplicated metrics across multiple tools.
  • No more time spent trying to maintain data changes in both dbt and and your data viz tools.
  • No more context lost between your data transformation and your data visualization layer.

Check out Lightdash in action#

  1. Check out the example project where you can click around and see Lightdash in action - no installation required!
  2. Try the demo dbt and Lightdash project, so you can dig through a full example with code..
  3. Demos are fun and all, but to get the full Lightdash experience, we recommend working through our getting started guide and hooking it up to your own project ๐Ÿ˜Š

Reporting bugs and feature requests#

Want to report a bug or request a feature? Feel free to open an issue in GitHub!