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Configure logging for Lightdash

By default Lightdash logs to the console in a human readable format. You can configure the logging behaviour, such as logging to a file or using a JSON format, by using the following environment variables:

LIGHTDASH_LOG_LEVELThe minimum level of log messages to displayINFO
LIGHTDASH_LOG_FORMATThe format of log messagespretty
LIGHTDASH_LOG_OUTPUTSThe outputs to send log messages toconsole
LIGHTDASH_LOG_CONSOLE_LEVELThe minimum level of log messages to display on the consoleLIGHTDASH_LOG_LEVEL
LIGHTDASH_LOG_CONSOLE_FORMATThe format of log messages on the consoleLIGHTDASH_LOG_FORMAT
LIGHTDASH_LOG_FILE_LEVELThe minimum level of log messages to write to the log fileLIGHTDASH_LOG_LEVEL
LIGHTDASH_LOG_FILE_FORMATThe format of log messages in the log fileLIGHTDASH_LOG_FORMAT
LIGHTDASH_LOG_FILE_PATHThe path to the log file./logs/all.log