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How to create multiple Lightdash projects in your organization

With Lightdash, you can have a single organization (e.g. Lightdash), and multiple projects within that organization (e.g. Production, Jaffle Shop, etc.)

To create a new project, head to the settingsโ€‹

To create a new project, click on settings --> project management --> create new project.


Give your project a nice, new name, then get started on setting up the dbt and warehouse connection.


Only users with admin permissions can create new projects.

Set up the dbt + warehouse connectionโ€‹

You'll need to define the dbt and warehouse connections for your new project.

Not sure what it all means? Don't worry, we've written a step-by-step guide that will help you out.

Easily switch between projectsโ€‹

Once you've got multiple projects set up, you can easily switch through the projects in your organization using the drop-down list in the top corner of your screen.


Go to the project management settings to delete a projectโ€‹

Don't need a project anymore? That's okay - you can easily delete a project in the project settings space.



Only users with admin permissions can delete projects.