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Personal access tokens

You can create a personal access token (PAT) to authenticate in the CLI or with the API.

Creating a personal access token

To create a personal access token, head to the project settings, then to personal access tokens, then click generate token.

Everybody in your organization can create a personal access token (PAT). To provide additional security, we highly recommend adding an expiration to your personal access tokens.

How to authenticate

Note that not all endpoints in the API will be accessible with PAT authentication.

The PAT authentication is done via the HTTP Authorization request header.

Authorization: ApiKey <token>


curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: ApiKey eeaa81d8bcd89a770bd8a581cabd052b'
GET /api/v1/org/projects HTTP/1.1
Authorization: ApiKey eeaa81d8bcd89a770bd8a581cabd052b