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Personal access tokens


This document is a draft of an experimental feature

You can create a personal access token (PAT) to use in the CLI or with the API.

To provide additional security, we highly recommend adding an expiration to your personal access tokens.


  • Everybody in your organization can create a personal access token (PAT)
  • Not all the endpoints will be accessible with PAT authentication

How to authenticateโ€‹

The PAT authentication is done via the HTTP Authorization request header.

Authorization: ApiKey <token>


curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: ApiKey eeaa81d8bcd89a770bd8a581cabd052b'
GET /api/v1/org/projects HTTP/1.1
Authorization: ApiKey eeaa81d8bcd89a770bd8a581cabd052b

Available endpointsโ€‹

Soon to come