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Once you've used Lightdash for a while, your team will probably end up with a lot of saved charts and dashboards. Spaces let you organize your saved charts and dashboards.

They're kind of like folders except you can't put a Space inside of a Space (no nesting ๐Ÿฅ). All saved chart and dashboards exist in a Space and can only be in one Space at a time.

To access Spaces, you can either select a Space from the drop-down list in Browse or you can click on the Lightdash icon and select your Space from the homepage.

Moving items between Spacesโ€‹

To move a saved chart or dashboard between Spaces, you can click on the three dot menu (...) to the right of the item and pick the Move to Space action.

You can also add items to a Space from within the Space. Just click on the Add button by the saved charts or the dashboards section of the page. If you select an item that's in another Space, it will get moved to the Space you're adding it to.

You select multiple items to add at the same time to your Space.

Updating and deleting Spacesโ€‹

You can rename or delete your Space on the homescreen by clicking on the three-dot menu (...) for the Space.


Deleting a Space will delete all of the content in that Space.