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Sharing in Slack

Sharing in Slack allows you to unfurl Lightdash URLs on your Slack workspace.


If you are running a self-hosted Lightdash server, please check Add Slack integration on self-hosting first

Adding Slack to your organization (Lightdash Cloud)

If you want to give slack access to your Lightdash organization, go to Settings > Integrations and click Add to Slack button.

This will redirect you to an OAUTH page to allow our App to access your Organization.

Currently we only need the following scopes:

  • [links:read] for : Links to will be sent to our App so we can make an internal request and fetch information from charts and dashboards so we can later share it in slack.
  • [links:write] : This allow us to unfurl the URL previously mentioned.

No other content will be shared from your workspace.

That's it

Once our app has access to your Slack workspace, you can add Lightdash URL links and they will be automatically unfurled with your chart or dashboard details.

Adding Slack to your organization (self-hosted)

Self-hosting Lightdash? Head to Add slack to your self-hosted Lightdash